The History of HowToADHD:

HowToADHD put out its first video on Jan. 5th, 2016. Originally created by Jessica McCabe in Fall 2015 to be an ADHD toolbox, she hoped to provide tips strategies and insights into ADHD from her own personal experiences as well as current ADHD research. 

HowToADHD has grown quickly, with over 20 million views and over  400,000 subscribers on YouTube as of June 2020. Jessica’s TED talk on ADHD has been watched 10,000,000+ times on Facebook and nearly 2 million times on TED.com and can be watched here.  

The community of viewers, subscribers, and supporters dubbed “Brains” (or those whom come to the channel for their own benefit or is subscribed/a part of the community), and “Hearts” (those whom love, support and seek to better understand Brains) actively participate in this close-knit community, sharing stories and personal tips to help and support each other. None of this would be possible without them!

The Team:


Jessica McCabe

(Host, researcher, writer, CEO of HowToADHD)

  • Diagnosed at the age of 12 after displaying multiple personality similarities with her aunt
    • Aunt was diagnosed by Dr Daniel Amen
  • Currently taking Vyvanse
    • Has previously taken other medications
  • Resides in Los Angeles
    • Born and raised in Los Angeles
    • Before working full-time on How to ADHD, used to work a day job as a waitress, and before that worked as an actress
  • Jessica does not have a formal education about ADHD but,
    • Recently completed a course relating to ADHD and autism
    • Uses credible sources to do research
    • Does not claim to be a trained professional

Department Heads


Head of Community, Community Management: Head of Forums

  • Head of Community and managing the Forums as Head of Forums
  • Has the cutest kitty
  • Just got married!
  • Welcomes everyone with bears
  • Heart and soul of the tribe <3

Vitea (V.)

Head of Research, Community Management:  Head of Discord

  • Head of Research and part of Community Management as Head of Discord
  • Studying psychology in her major in Switzerland
  • Likes to explain all the things she learns at university
  • Makes sure only valid research papers are used as sources for videos
  • Obsessed with colours (and therefore responsible for all future colour choices)

SuperBRAIN (Isa)

Head of Product Development,  Community Management: Head of YouTube

  • Also known as Isa
  • Formerly Head of Community Management, Intern, and moderator of HowToADHD
  • Recently turned Head of Product Development and responsible for social media matters


Head of Tech and Website

  • Head of the website and anything tech-related
  • Spends a lot of time on planes to Europe
  • Majestic beard

Other Important People:

Palestrina McCaffrey (Creative director)

Palestrina is responsible for the overall look, feel, and creative direction of the channel.

JustCallMeGary (Editing/animation)

Gary is actually called Stephen, at least that’s what the majority of the team thinks. He’s responsible for most of the animation and graphics.

Dooka (Assistant Head of YouTube & Product Development)

Also known as Dooka, formerly intern and community manager of HowToADHD, Isa’s platonic wife and Assistant Head of YouTube & Product Development.

Mike (Admin)

Mike watches that everyone on the Discord is excellent to each other. As a nurse, he also makes sure that medical information shared on the Discord stays accurate.

Rachelle Leduc(kie) (Admin)

Rachelle is currently studying to become a nurse and is in charge of medical knowledge and sassy comebacks.

HowlingEclipse (Editor)

Alex is part of the editor team and will rejoin the moderator team on the Discord in March 2019.

External Consultants:

Patrick LaCount: Research Consultant